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Senior & Junior

New York

Sunday, September 5th, 2010 New York, Random, SUV

7 Comments to Senior & Junior

  1. Mini-me

  2. Snake Plissken on September 5th, 2010
  3. What’s the point of strapping it to the back?

  4. Matt on September 5th, 2010
  5. I wonder the same, Matt. It can ruin the tires on the RC car.

  6. Anna Rexia on September 5th, 2010
  7. Oh god, they added even more plastic to that turd of a truck. What’s the point of customizing the stupidest, ugliest, piece-of-crappiest truck ever produced?

  8. Tut on September 6th, 2010
  9. All you who laugh at our Southern(Way,Way below Texas Southern)neighbors for painting a mural of their truck on the tailgate of said truck who have ever said “Can’t nothing ever be stupider than that” might want to rethink
    that possibility.

  10. Hootchie on September 6th, 2010
  11. my only question…. which came first… the big one or the little one???

  12. Beca on September 6th, 2010
  13. I’m guessing the big one came first.

    I also think this is nice in the sense that someone doesn’t plan on using the vehicle for its intended use and has therefore completely wasted the money it cost to buy it originally.

    I hate scrapalanches.

  14. GeneralDisorder on September 8th, 2010

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