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You Mean Rumpelstiltskin?


North Carolina

Monday, November 2nd, 2009 Car, Donk, North Carolina, Paint Job

30 Comments to You Mean Rumpelstiltskin?

  1. HEY! i know the guy who owns this car lol.. he works in the motorpool with my husband.. hes actully a really cool kid

  2. armywifey on January 6th, 2010
  3. bahahahahah thats the best! i love that i knew the title was from big daddy!

  4. Lindsay on January 6th, 2010
  5. I’ve seen this one around Fort Bragg. Too funny.

  6. freespeechsoldier on January 6th, 2010
  7. Oh Christ, are you kidding? I GUARANTEE this douche bag is fresh “outta da hood brah” This is what this kid aspirations and taste consist of?

    I am so glad for this website, we thought the “donk” or as we say “dork” look was bad in Washington….we have NOTHING that can compete with this atrocity.

  8. GOTTCHA! on January 6th, 2010
  9. Nesquik til I die mofos. There i said it

  10. t on January 6th, 2010
  11. Now THIS just screams pimp.

  12. cynrhia042206 on January 6th, 2010
  13. I guess it shows that money does not buy taste, or class. What a piece of crap that is!

  14. bob on January 6th, 2010
  15. wow some ones a little judgemental… funny part is this kid is a soldier, who instead of spending his free time doing drugs or on the streets, he puts alot of time an work into a these cars (yes he has more than one) an gets sponsers (hence why he has sertain lables) an they pay him because its like a mobile billbord.. so i guess the real losers would be ya’ll..

  16. dogofthegovernment on January 7th, 2010
  17. That car is always at that Wal Mart!
    Those are really common in the Fayetteville area.

  18. Archie on January 7th, 2010
  19. If someone could figure out the engineering to put John Deere 8000 size tires on an old lady car… that kind of creativity could come up with the answer to any question, except the question of why would you waste so much time/money/effort doing this????

  20. Clif on January 7th, 2010
  21. Ok that’s just overkill.

  22. BigPoppaPhat on January 7th, 2010
  23. lmfao! just wanna say i love whoever made the title, u just made my day!!! XD <3adam sandler movies<3

  24. LiSA PiZZA on January 7th, 2010
  25. HAHAHA, and the worst part is, that sure looks like a Wal-Mart parking lot to me! This belongs on BOTH sites!! That takes talent!

  26. HeyYou on January 7th, 2010
  27. I see this car, and so many other gems like it around Fayetteville every time I leave my house. Anyone else see the Reese’s Pieces car around the Reilly Rd. area lately?

  28. Kristi on January 7th, 2010
  29. @ dogofthegovernment….
    So you are trying to tell me is he gets paid by Yoo Hoo for painting Yoo Hoo all over this….car. Ok, if you say so.

    I did a little checking online, did not take me long to find this brilliant achievement in engineering. Our clean cut kid that owns this….umm…car. had it for sale on Craigslist on Dec 26,2009. He is only asking $18,000 for it! I am certain the brilliant owner of this stellar “show-car spent well over that to assemble …it. I do not know a living sole that would be seen near, in or be in the same county as this. Drop it in a landfill somewhere. And trust me….I will never consider Yoo Hoo as a beverage to buy.

  30. GOTTCHA! on January 7th, 2010
  31. @dogofthegovernment- please,please don’t start a comment about people being judgemental and then call them losers, kind of defeats the purpose of being non-judegemental. Just because you know the guy doesn’t make this any less odd or the fact that he may have came from the ‘hood. My husband was in the Army and we knew many that came from the ‘hood. And PLEASE buy a dictionary, unless they have a whole new way of spelling in NC that the rest of us haven’t heard of yet. I looooved how you tried to use your vast vocabulary skills by using the word “hence” and then totally butchered “sertain lables” and a few others too.

  32. oh hush on January 8th, 2010
  33. @dogofthegovernment….

    You can’t spell, you can’t write, you can’t punctuate. I shudder to think how you decided on the name, “dog of the government.” “y’all” common, really? Go back to your sour mash still and sit by the mail box to wait for your welfare check.

  34. GOTTCHA! on January 8th, 2010
  35. well i have to admit not only have i seen this car… i’ve had conversations with this guy and he wanted to buy my old chevy to do the same to.

  36. closerthanyouthink on January 8th, 2010
  37. how ghetto do you have be? lol…. why? what on earth would possess you to create this when you could be spending the money on something necessary…. he may be a nice guy…just a little confused is all.

  38. kris on January 8th, 2010
  39. I’m going to key that piece of shit when I get back to Fayetteville.

  40. Wow on January 9th, 2010
  41. Being from the Fayetteville area, I’m not suprised. Also, fuck the guy that built that.

  42. ArmyAlaska on January 9th, 2010
  43. i find it amusing the people who complain about someone else spending their own hard earned money on something they enjoy doing. i mean they get so angry and even threaten harm yet it’s not their money the person is spending or their time the person is using up….if it bothers you that much shut your eyes and your mouth while your at it and let the guy have his fun! i mean really are you afraid he’s going to give you some sort of cooties or something?

  44. Lil Mama on January 10th, 2010
  45. “LIL MAMA”

    ummm, yes….I am, ma’am. I have a fear of cooties personally.
    By the way, I only see insults here, no threats.

  46. GOTTCHA! on January 11th, 2010
  47. ummm yes, actually yes I am terrifed of cooties. I have a phobia of them.

    Lil Mama, there are no threats here, just insults against a ridiculous collection of shit bolted to a $500 car. This is no different then sending a (masculine :) )16 year old boy to high school with a pink boa, a purple tutu and red army jump boots and expecting him not to get harrased. Both visions verbally illustrated here would evoke the same type of response.

    There is no harm being done here. If you don’t like the commentaries here you can shut your computer off or visit another site. Maybe visit Al Quida’s site or PETA’s site….I’m sure they have much more sensible propaganda there to share with you at those sites than you’ll experience here.

  48. GOTTCHA! on January 11th, 2010
  49. Sponsors my ass. This is the gangsta thing to do. As for being in the Army, I hope that kid doesn’t hold his M9 sideways when he’s trying to shoot. It is the Army though…

  50. Ben on January 21st, 2010
  51. I hope the kid that owns that holds his Tec 9 sideways upside all o’ ya’alls collective heads and makes ya scream “I was just KIDDING about seeing your car in my neighborhood, HONEST!!”

    Ya know?

  52. HandleBar Said it on February 7th, 2010
  53. This is funny, it made me smile, who cares if its stupid or pointless. Obviously he wanted to do it so he did. That’s why we have freedom of expression.

  54. KittyK on April 29th, 2010
  55. Not my cup of tea but it is nicly done I have to give props to the guy as a custom truck owner my self I give credit to those who own other custom vehicals. Weather I like the car or not

  56. lc guy on October 29th, 2010
  57. My babydaddy owns this shiitt!

  58. Kelii on May 23rd, 2011
  59. I’m sure you have found insight from the words, “Of all manifestations of power restraint impresses men the most..”.

  60. Robb on August 29th, 2011

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