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Thous Shall Not Tailgate!


Thursday, October 21st, 2010 Bumper Sticker, Car, Oregon, Paint Job, Random

16 Comments to Thous Shall Not Tailgate!

  1. So Jesus is demonic looking and evil then?

  2. JD on October 21st, 2010
  3. Crap, what a waste of a cool wagon.

  4. Tut on October 21st, 2010
  5. not as well done as the van AND Isn’t VACATION and BIBLE CAMP kind of an oxymoron when used in the same sentence?

  6. bobba-lou on October 21st, 2010
  7. When I was a kid I went to a Bible camp that was a lot of fun… kinda like a vacation.

  8. Charles on October 21st, 2010
  9. You just know there is kid touching going on at that camp…

  10. nunzio on October 21st, 2010
  11. hey, i know that guy… 8)

  12. przxqgl on October 21st, 2010
  13. Man, Jesus looks pretty pissed in that picture. I’d make damn sure I kept 2 car lengths behind Rev. Bill . . .

  14. Snake Plissken on October 21st, 2010
  15. Has to be a joke, how many real zealmobiles have anti-Bush/Cheney stickers on them?
    Not to mention the Jesus Fish’n’Chips magnet.
    I agree with Tut, hate to see a neat old clamshell Kingswood get trashed, but at least it’s still on the road!

  16. Neil R on October 21st, 2010
  17. What happened to the good old days when customizing a car meant that you made it look better not worse.

  18. Matt on October 21st, 2010
  19. what a waste of a good derby car.. smash it!

  20. cl on October 21st, 2010
  21. @ przxqgl: who is it? The first thing that came to mind for me was the Rev Billy C. Wirtz. I love the fish n’ chips fish. I want one!

  22. Anna Rexia on October 22nd, 2010
  23. Once I get past the colours and the demonic Jesus, I can see what looks like my old 1973 Chevy BelAir wagon – and memories of long past family vacations – but NOT at Bible camp!!

  24. David on October 22nd, 2010
  25. I have mixed feelings on this one. I mean, I go to church most sundays (when I’m sober and/or not at the shooting range) so there’s some like for this… but then again, it’s really really creepy.

  26. GeneralDisorder on October 22nd, 2010
  27. I believe that this car belongs to someone who either mocks Christians or has missed the point of Christianity. I find the Demon Jesus glaring out from a wall of Hell-fire to be disturbing, and it seems to fall short of the Great Commandment (which is to love one another). That being said, as a professional driver, I can certainly understand his frustration with tailgaters, assuming, of course, that his issue lies with those who follow too closely, as opposed to those who party from the back of their vehicle.

  28. Random Christian on October 23rd, 2010
  29. Over the years, Jesus’s face has changed so much. He’s apparently looking like Andrew W.K. these days.

  30. shorty on October 23rd, 2010
  31. Someone is suffering from an imbalance in their brain chemistry here – perhaps some ritalin and lithium might straighten them out

  32. ThisCDNguy on November 20th, 2010

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