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Rasta Hearse

North Dakota

Saturday, October 16th, 2010 Car, North Dakota, Paint Job

9 Comments to Rasta Hearse

  1. HearsT?? T?? Really?? Our great American education system at work.
    Uber fail!

  2. Pete_repete on October 16th, 2010
  3. What the hell is a “hearst”?

  4. Anon on October 16th, 2010
  5. Anybody got some Fruit Stripe Gum? If so, please chew it long enough to help the owner of this thing remove the previous gum stripes.

  6. GeneralDisorder on October 16th, 2010
  7. I’ll take it and repaint it.

  8. Eric on October 16th, 2010
  9. It’s spelled HEARSE, kindly curb your enthusiasm to put other people down long enough to CHECK YOUR SPELLING?

  10. Mike on October 16th, 2010
  11. You’re pissin’ in the wind, Mike. They don’t know what a spell check is for here or on any of their sites.

  12. Anna Rexia on October 17th, 2010
  13. Hearst was a newspaper publisher.

    Hearse is a final ride above ground.

  14. Bill C on October 17th, 2010
  15. What a festive looking vehicle. It almost makes you forget that it was hauling dead people around for 10+ years.

  16. Matt on October 17th, 2010
  17. So they finally found Bob Marley’s “last ride”!

  18. Dr. No on October 26th, 2010

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