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R.I.P. Gringo


Monday, December 17th, 2012 Car, Funny, Paint Job, Pennsylvania, Photos, Random

11 Comments to R.I.P. Gringo

  1. Hmmm, let’s see. How do I think he died?

  2. Cybr on December 17th, 2012
  3. White boy trying to act all ghetto? Yeah, we can guess how he died. Something tells me that it’s no great loss to society.

  4. BB on December 17th, 2012
  5. Talk about being egotistical! He himself thought he was number one! Mama said”but he was a gooood bro”.

  6. Ray on December 17th, 2012
  7. Adios Douchbag !

  8. ELF on December 18th, 2012
  9. Classy.

  10. Someguytyping on December 18th, 2012
  11. Gringo died??!!

  12. Gringo-fan-4ever on December 18th, 2012
  13. no great loss looks like a dumbass

  14. LMAO on December 19th, 2012
  15. 25 years old and still didn’t know how to act like an adult. No loss.

  16. Heh on December 22nd, 2012
  17. I just hope this jackass didn’t breed before being removed from the gene pool.

  18. A. Squid on December 23rd, 2012
  19. Yuery Colon, shot outside Club 570 in Hazleton.
    If the jury sees this picture, the shooter will be set free.

  20. Derp on December 25th, 2012
  21. How…quaint
    Good riddance…one less wigger in the world! :)

  22. CSA on December 26th, 2012

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