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Getting A Facelift


Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Funny, Mobile Home, Photos, Texas

7 Comments to Getting A Facelift

  1. Good as new!

  2. chrisuscfan on March 29th, 2012
  3. That will never stop a zombie attack…

  4. Dave on March 29th, 2012
  5. Something tells me that they had a wreck away from home and had this plywood fixture made just so they could return home and then get the motorhome repaired. Whoever did the work did a pretty good job; better than most people would have done.

  6. ray on March 30th, 2012
  7. My guess is that the original owner hit something and F’d up the front. He then sold it for a tenth of what he paid for it to an enterprising fellow who fixed it for $200. All in all, he probably spent $2k-$3k on something that normally would have an extra zero on the end.

  8. Biff on March 31st, 2012
  9. Mad Max…..

  10. Dale on April 4th, 2012
  11. If it were painted white, you probably wouldn’t even notice. HAHA.. Awesome job dude…

  12. ShameLessNameLess on July 5th, 2012
  13. Just needs some wood stain and marine-grade polyurethane.

  14. splatman on April 12th, 2013

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