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For The Ladies


Sunday, September 26th, 2010 Car, Location Unknown, Paint Job

12 Comments to For The Ladies

  1. I wonder why so many of these photos are taken in Walmart parking lots?

  2. rico on September 26th, 2010
  3. sure it’s big, but the color is a bit disturbing ;)

  4. bitchy the dwarf on September 26th, 2010
  5. Oh, geez, buddy… Why don’t you just get you a Bud Bundy “Never Had It. Never Will.” hat.

  6. adlyia on September 26th, 2010
  7. love it when these morons put the plastic chrome sticker “”24’s” and such on the side of their vehicle yet their running factory 16’s or 17’s

  8. chef mark on September 26th, 2010
  9. boy, this one is too close to the one i submitted yesterday, but mine is soo much more classier(not!)

  10. Fetcho on September 26th, 2010
  11. Xtra-Little!

  12. bgdk on September 26th, 2010
  13. Gee, a Magnum with a Magnum label! WHAT will they think of next???

  14. Lori on September 27th, 2010
  15. I would ask if that thing has a Hemi but I know that it doesn’t just by looking at it.

  16. Charles on September 27th, 2010
  17. The last thing I think when I see a man in a station wagon is “big dick.”

  18. Do You Come with the Car? on September 27th, 2010
  19. Super classy.

  20. SpeedRacer on September 27th, 2010
  21. I’ll bet the driver talks with a lisp and says things like, “Hey there sweet thang, do you like soul food?” Just make sure no one knows that the L on the side of the MAGNUM doesn’t meen “LOSER!”

  22. HandleBar Said It on September 27th, 2010
  23. I raced a stock Magnum with my stock P71 Crown Vic. It was a pretty pathetic race from outside (so I’m told) but I had fun and we tied. Pretty good for racing a 4.6L V-8 from 1994 against a 5.7L V-8 from 2004.

  24. GeneralDisorder on September 28th, 2010
  25. chef mark – maybe he’s referring to the size of his dick?

  26. JoeKing on September 28th, 2010

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